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  Flax growing

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   Institute of plant protection

   SPC NAS of Belarus for
       Agricultural Mechanization


  History of the Joint-Stock Company “Vitebskobllen”  

About us, 2018 
    Joint-Stock Company “Vitebskobllen” was organized in 1976.
    The Company shall coordinate the activities of flax plant area, and implements short and long fiber for export.

  Joint-Stock Company “Vitebskobllen” today  

About us,2018 
  As of January 1, 2018,Vitebskobllen and 9 flax factories, directly involved in the cultivation and primary processing of flax, are part of the State Association Vitoblenprom. Upper organization: "Vitoblenprom", Committee on Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus. Supreme Organization: Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus.
Currently, Vitebskobllen is run by Artur Alexandrovich Machulsky, acting director
    the President of the Republic
    of Belarus

  Vitebsk Oblast
    Executive Committee

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